Salt Water

Long term salt water disposal capacity and infrastructure is critical for producers in today’s market

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Gathering Systems

Gathering systems for oil & gas production byproducts help reduce costs for producers and ensure long term takeaway capacity and infrastructure

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Gas Processing

Regional fractionation capacity is in high demand as producers seek to capture NGL gas streams and maximize economic recovery

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BPI Midstream, LLC

BPI Midstream, LLC, a partnership between Starboard Tack Capital, a US based energy focused development firm and Queensland Beach Investments, LTD, a Canadian Oil & Gas Investment firm, is focused on building a portfolio of cash flow producing midstream assets related to the byproducts of oil & gas production in the shale regions of the US.  BPI has numerous relationships with oil and gas producers and is focused on working to provide these producers the infrastructure they require to transport, dispose or process the byproducts of their drilling and production activities such as salt water and raw gas streams.

BPI entered into its first salt water disposal well joint venture with White Owl Energy Services, Inc. in 2016 to construct and operate a salt water disposal well facility in Tioga, ND.  White Owl is a highly-experienced operator with strong relationships in the Bakken.  BPI also recently closed on an investment in BOH Midstream, a salt water disposal well and pipeline operator based in Ogden, Utah with assets in North Dakota. BPI continues to seek additional investment opportunities to offer infrastructure and turnkey solutions to producers for their byproducts needs.

BPI has a number of infrastructure projects under development including a fractionation facility in North Dakota, a pipeline gathering system among others.