Saltwater Disposal Systems

Saltwater disposal capacity and infrastructure are key to US oil production

Reliable saltwater disposal capacity is a critical factor in the ongoing oil production capabilities of our US shale regions.  BPI midstream is a provider of saltwater disposal systems in the Bakken Region of the US with facilities throughout the region.  

Gathering Systems

Gathering systems for oil & gas production by-products 

By-product gathering systems in the US shale regions help reduce costs for producers and ensure long term takeaway capacity and infrastructure. BPI Midstream is a provider of by-product midstream solutions in the Bakken region of the US.

Gas Processing

Regional fractionation capacity is in high demand

US shale regions have created the need for local fractionation capacity as producers seek to maximize economic recovery from NGL stream from oil and gas production.  BPI Midstream has current projects to establish regional fractionation capacity in North Dakota.