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BOH Midstream

BPI-BOH, LLC, doing business as BOH Midstream is an owner and operator of salt water disposal and transport facilities focused on the active shale oil regions in the US.  Originally founded in 2011 and headquartered in Ogden, Utah, BOH Inc. and its experienced management team built the company and its facilities.  The Company acquired its operating assets from BOH, Inc. in the first quarter of 2017 and BOH, Inc.’s management team has continued in their operational roles under the new ownership structure of the Company.  The Company’s principal office is 2520 Highway 35, Suite 102, Manasquan, NJ 08736 with corporate offices in in Ogden, UT and operational offices in Williston, ND.

The Company and its management team specialize in the gathering, transporting and disposing of salt (or brine) water in the shale oilfields in the US, with current assets in North Dakota.  The Company handles two types of salt water that are byproducts from the oil production process. “Flowback water” is generated at the time of the initial oil well drilling, then “production water” is generated over the 20+ year productive life of the oil well.  The Company’s strategy is to build a solid base of the more stable, long-term market of production water, while leaving capacity for higher return Flowback water that also yields greater volumes of recovered oil. The Company owns the following disposal facilities: (1) Springbrook, located in Epping, Williams County; (2) Nelson, located in McKenzie County; and (3) Ruud, located near New Town, Mountrail County. All three of BOH’s SWD facilities are located in close proximity to major oil production sites and are fitted to receive salt water deliveries via pipeline and truck.  BOH Midstream Website

White Owl

BPI – White Owl Tioga Joint Venture

BPI entered into and invested in a joint venture in 2016 with White Owl Energy Services, Inc., an experienced Calgary based salt water disposal facility operator with assets in the Bakken region of the US.  With White Owl as the primary operator, the JV constructed a new salt water disposal facility in Tioga, ND that went operational in September, 2016.

The facility is now in full operation and is served by both pipeline connectivity and truck off-load of salt water for injection.


Stack Energy, LLC

Through its subsidiary Stack Energy, BPI is in the development process to construct a modular and expandable fractionation facility in Trenton, ND that will have gas and NGL processing, storage and transportation logistics capabilities.

The facility has been designed to process Y-grade NGLs and produce purity NGL products including Ethane, Propane, Butane and Natural Gasoline product.  The facility will have storage for both Y-grade and expanded storage for purity NGL products.  The facility will be connected via pipeline to a co-located rail terminal where purity NGLs will be shipped out of the market by rail.